Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Towards a citizen of the world court"
Comments from Chomsky on the Japanese Children

"Tokyo to the World Citizens Tribunal I am writing in Support of Save the Children lawsuit Fukushima, I Think critically and a Laudable effort to protect the MOST Important Heartbreaking Victims of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, whose Lives Are Being destroyed the children, and generations That Coming may face the same horrors. It was evident at once that the Fukushima disaster would have catastrophic consequences, but its shocking scale has become far more apparent since, with worse to come, very likely. Expert studies already reveal that the scale may reach or even surpass the grotesque level of Chernobyl. Surely the time has come to put an end to reliance on nuclear energy, with its devastating potential human costs, so dramatically revealed once again at Fukushima. In the light of the tragic history of the sole use of nuclear weapons? so far? there could be no more fitting place and time to end the scourge of nuclear power in Japan than the World's Citizens Tribunal meeting in Tokyo. I hope dedicated efforts will be undertaken at the Tribunal to this end.

Noam Chomsky Institute Professor (Emeritus) MIT, Cambridge MA USA


  1. We are ALL children that need to be saved!

    How many epidemiolo­gical studies have been carried out around population­s adjacent to reactors? There is now much accumulate­d data out there to be studied and published after updating. This data must be downloaded and analyzed in the public interest.

    The combined statistics from a meta-study would be very powerful evidence of morbidity and mortality caused by NPP. The recent French study found such an associatio­n. Children have higher rates of acute leukemia and thyroid cancers - up to 100% higher.

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